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The 3 Best Lip Balms to Suit Any Budget

There are many reasons why you’ll want a hard-working lip balm in your arsenal, not least of all to eradicate the obvious discomfort that comes with dry skin and to help lipsticks apply more smoothly and evenly. But finding a formula that really nourishes and doesn’t require endless top-ups isn’t always easy. Sometimes, the ingredients in bog-standard lip balms actually cause more irritation than you felt to begin with, which leads to endless reapplying and a waste of both product and money. It’s true that different products work for different people, but these are the three best lip balms I’ve ever used and, thankfully, they each sit at very different price points but all put in a highly effective shift.


The Luxe Splurge: Baume de Rose, By Terry


baume de rose lip balm


At £40 for 10g, By Terry’s Baume de Rose isn’t cheap, but it is iconic. The non-sticky formula uses rose essential wax, vitamin E and shea butter – all major players when it comes to softening the skin – to leave lips feeling nourished, comfortable and ultra-smooth. Its finish has just a subtle sheen, making it ideal for layering underneath lipsticks or wearing alone and still looking polished. This isn’t one I’d buy regularly because I personally can’t justify the spend, but if you can afford it you really do get what you pay for in terms of efficacy. As the By Terry website says, this is “the Rolls Royce of lip care.”


The Happy Medium: Sugar Coconut Hydrating Lip Balm, Fresh



This stuff smells incredible. And more importantly, it’s up there with my best lip balms because it works a treat. Fresh is one of my favourite skincare brands because they use really effective natural ingredients, and this balm is no exception with its use of sugar (a natural humectant), fruit oils and vitamin E. At £15 for 6g, it’s the perfect mid-range option and also comes in many more delicious scents to choose from.


The Budget Miracle-Worker: Hemp Heavy Duty Lip Care, The Body Shop


hemp lip balm


I extoll the virtues of this lip balm from The Body Shop to anyone and everyone who’ll listen. It’s just. So. Good. The ultra-soothing formula contains hemp seed oil and doesn’t give off any shine or stickiness, and it really does rid my lips of dryness for hours after use. Its handy twist-up tube is ideal for quick fixes as you don’t need to dunk your finger into any goop, so it’s definitely one to keep in your handbag. I’d genuinely choose this over all other low-budget balms and even many pricier alternatives, and it only costs £4.50. Amazing.


Let me know your lip care favourites in the comments. What are your lip-smoothing hacks?