Think Pieces

A Welcome Note


Thanks for finding your way to my patch of internet. I was going to avoid a vapid ‘about me’ post but it didn’t feel right not to introduce my page, let alone myself.

I’m Olivia, a 24-year-old copywriter living in London, trying to forge a career from writing about clothes that I don’t get paid enough to actually buy for myself. It’s a delight. Aside from an obvious interest in fashion, my main loves in life are family, friends and carbohydrates in all their sweet, sweet forms. When I’m not tapping away at a computer, you’ll find me going on long walks, sipping on a gin and tonic (hopefully in the sunshine) or talking about how I really, really need to start going to the gym again. Yes, I am simply made of clichés, stitched together like Frankenstein’s monster: the millennial edition. 

As the name suggests, The Trending Type is a place where I pool together my pick of currently-trending topics, be it fashion or lifestyle, for a bit of discussion and appreciation. I’m by no means an expert but let’s be honest, if you were after a voice of authority you’d be thumbing the pages of Elle or scrolling on Refinery 29. This is just for fun, and I’m just curating what I like and sharing it with a hopefully like-minded community. 

If you like what you see, please don’t hesitate to get a conversation going in the comments section. I’d love to get to know whoever’s deemed my content worthy of reading. 

Happy perusing!

Olivia x